Kelly grew up in Dallas, Texas, and has loved acting from a very young age. Being an only child, she has always used her creativity and imagination to entertain. Kelly was very involved in theatre and acting competitions in her high school and college years.

After graduating, Kelly took a break from acting and moved to the East Coast where she has lived in both DC and NYC. She earned an MBA in International Business from George Washington University and became a management consultant.  However, she found herself constantly daydreaming about performing and decided to once again pursue her true love of acting. Kelly has since landed roles in numerous commercials, tv shows, films, web series, and print advertisements.

Most recently, Kelly was just nominated for Best Actress in a Feature Film at the Wild Bunch Film Festival 2019 for her role in "The Lonesome Trail".   Kelly also just wrapped filming her role in a new series called "Emigre" shooting in NYC.  Kelly also recently played the role of Karen Kelner in an episode on Season 2 of the series "Thespian".  The scene takes place in the 1970's and is a throwback to the main character Adam's childhood in NY.  Kelly plays Adam's Mom and the scene is a hysterical peek back into what it was like for Adam to grow up!  Check out Season 1 of Thespian on Amazon Prime: 


In addition, Kelly just completed filming a Supporting role in "Forever Gardens" shot in Atlanta, which is a sci-fi film with a Twilight Zone vibe and her Toyota commercial where she has a principal role is currently airing on TV!

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